Ela Lamblin

Ela Lamblin is a Sculptor and Musician from Oregon, His instruments combine music with visual performance/dance etc. and are really breathtaking!


Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes has made some pretty incredible looking and sounding instruments from confiscated guns.

From what I gather they're touring as an exhibiton called Disarmed, but on his blog he talks about a project called Imagine which shows off 50 instruments made like this!


The Wheelharp

A while back I found out about this instrument via the OddMusic website. Back then there was just one image, a description and a soundclip. It amazed me so much that I can safely say it's one of the instruments that first got me really interested in building and creating my own things.

I'm very glad to see they now have their own site! with videos and everything.


Loog Guitars

Loog Guitars are great. Not only do they help kids get used to playing guitar but they also help encourage them to build it in the first place!



Specimen Products

Specimen Products is a chicago based luthier/sculptor who makes some amazingly crafted and beautiful instruments, this one below is one of my favorites although there's plenty more on the site to drool over.

Also these horn-speakers are incredible...

Tristan Shone's Drone Machines

Tristan Shone makes amazing industrial sized machines that make industrial sized noises. They're highly engineered and amazing looking/sounding.